Friday, December 17, 2010

And then there was Heather

So i Guess this is where I kinda give you guys some more insight to me. I'm totally random and callous.A pessimist to say the least, not paranoid with the "every ones out to get me" view on things. I've learned the only one out to get me is me. I was Born and raised here in Tucson and I love it here. The black hole of Arizona,where there are no jobs, crappy weather, and people are as rude as they  get. I think the sun baked every ones brains into a pile of mush. My family lives here, not from here,except for my sister. My mother is an over reactive Bostonian, with a heart of gold. My father is form Midwest somewhere and probably the most negative man you've ever met. Why am I telling you all this you wonder? Just giving you a background so you can understand who I am. A drama queen, borderline personality. Some days I hate myself and other days I think I'm a genius. At 6 am I haven't decided what today will be.  I live with a soundtrack playing in my head. And in true random fashion god only knows what the soundtrack for the day will be. I get a lot of time to think, as I stay at home for now with my two Awesome kids, (I know every ones kids are awesome) Well don't expect words of wisdom or political or religious views from me I don't really care for the last two. Like it says just random thoughts!


  1. I love that you started a blog....I HATE that you think you are not important! Just want you to know that I love you even if I'm not around much to say it. Kiss those awesome kids for me and say Hi to Blair. Xoxo

  2. You are important and I believe you are told that so often now you just need to hear it really really hear it.
    love you

  3. Just to clear things up I didnt title it no one important because I dont think iM IMPORTANT. it was just that Im not really important in the specturm of hUman beings on this earth. You know like the big picture.

  4. Heather Marie,

    I am glad you started a blog to write down your random "fairy" thoughts (remember that fairy that took your chapstick? LOL) I love you! I am so glad you are one of my sissy in laws! I know you didnt mean that you werent important however, I wanted to say how important you are. Even in this big world the importance of you is HUGE. You are important to your children, their lives ( in everyway) depend on you. You are important to your husband, even when days are hard, he needs your love and friendship and companionship. You are important to me, cause you are probably the only one besides my husband and mom who gets me and knows what I mean when it doesnt come out correctly! You, my dear girl, have so much to bring to the table and to offer this crazy thing called life, whether you know it or not! Anywho, You will always be my Heather Mooreee! XOXOXO