Monday, March 28, 2011

So Cosmo school... wow what can I say? A very large group of females all puddled into one building. Need I really say more? No but I will. I dont care what you did this weekend, I dont care how your kids are, I dont care that you think your better than me( think being the key word  here) I dont care how much you spent on your crap for school. You wanna know what I do care about? Being the best. Thats right THE BEST. So all you stupid cows that just wander around looking for some one to talk shit about..........SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE F*$+ UP! You're annoying me. Thanks!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Dog

OK so I have no Idea when the dog became another one of my children, However it is apparently clear that she has been watching and learning form them.
3 days ago:
Kids sneaking to the Christmas tree to steal candy canes. The kids are good at this as they can be Very quiet. Reason they got caught? The dog walks past the kitchen doorway candy cane in mouth ears down staring at me walking as slow as possible.
 2 days ago:
Cold and rainy out side, I try to put the dog out. She walks over to her leash grabs it brings it back. I take it away open the back door. She sits the stares at me. I tell her out, he gabs my pant leg and proceeds to drag me outside with her. I guess if she had to go out in the cold so did I.
My son lets her back in, I'm sitting on the couch with a blanket. The dog comes over grabs the blankets up on the other couch burrows in the blanket.
Now Mind you this is a DOG. A pit mixed with I have no idea, but she has fur and I have never seen a big dog shiver from being cold unless out side. But mine does.
Well last night actually. The dog sleeps in a crate in my dining room, I no longer close the crate at night as she is for the most part house broken.
I left the curtains in the dining room open. Middle of the night the dog is standing beside my bed whining.
I tell her go to bed she goes back out to the crate. 30 minutes later same thing. so i get up to let her out, she ignores me goes to the window sit down and stares at me. I go back to bed.
 I just get back to sleep same ting happens. this happens a few more times when I wake my husband up thinking that theres something wrong in the back yard. He goes and inspects nothing. The dog is sitting buy the window staring at both of us , looks at the window , looks back. My husband walks over closes the curtains. The dog turns around gets in her crate and goes to sleep.

Like I said I don't know when it happened but the dog has become one of our children, we aim to make her just as comfortable and secure feeling as our kids.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Middle Class Rut - New Low (Official Video)

And then there was Heather

So i Guess this is where I kinda give you guys some more insight to me. I'm totally random and callous.A pessimist to say the least, not paranoid with the "every ones out to get me" view on things. I've learned the only one out to get me is me. I was Born and raised here in Tucson and I love it here. The black hole of Arizona,where there are no jobs, crappy weather, and people are as rude as they  get. I think the sun baked every ones brains into a pile of mush. My family lives here, not from here,except for my sister. My mother is an over reactive Bostonian, with a heart of gold. My father is form Midwest somewhere and probably the most negative man you've ever met. Why am I telling you all this you wonder? Just giving you a background so you can understand who I am. A drama queen, borderline personality. Some days I hate myself and other days I think I'm a genius. At 6 am I haven't decided what today will be.  I live with a soundtrack playing in my head. And in true random fashion god only knows what the soundtrack for the day will be. I get a lot of time to think, as I stay at home for now with my two Awesome kids, (I know every ones kids are awesome) Well don't expect words of wisdom or political or religious views from me I don't really care for the last two. Like it says just random thoughts!